Friday, January 29, 2021


Mum knows I am her special angel cat who loves a sunbeam.  Even if I woke her up 5 times last night.  So tonight she has munched on leftovers of chicken and vegetable noodles and then some ice cream on the couch.  She watched one episode of Bridgerton and the The Dig and is now ready to head to bed and fingers and paws  crossed we will both sleep better tonight.  


  1. You certainly look like an angel with
    that sunlight shining on you Poppy!x

    And Poppy!x Is Mum ever going to put
    that framed picture up on the wall..
    The one one there leaning against the
    wall...HeHe! It's annoying me! :(.
    (Just mention it to her quietly in passing)..! :o).

    1. Unfortunately we are not allowed to hang up any pictures in this place Willie' so this is the only piece of art we have out.

  2. I crawled in with mum lastl night too. She fell asleep and I left and didn't wake her up!

  3. poppy we hate ta bring thiz ta mumz a ten shun....but if her eated bass terd chckn; her nitez knot gonna bee sew good.....we hope de mice creem off setz de burd ~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥♥

  4. Enjoy your sunbeam, Poppy! Maybe the extra rays will help you sleep better.

  5. What a terrific sunbeam! We have a dearth of them right you think it is possible to wrap it up and send it to us? We promise to take care of it! We have you have a terrific night's sleep tonight. Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  6. I thought you were a ghost at first, Poppy! An excellent photograph.