Saturday, January 30, 2021


 This morning was cold and cloudy, so mum pulled the covers up and read her book and I came and cuddled up beside her.  As the afternoon  arrived the skies cleared enough for mum to hang out the washing and to put her shorts on and sit in the sun with her book.  So a relaxing day for her and for me.

Only one lot of howling from me last night which was an improvement on the weeks average.  Mum is super tired, so it will be another quiet night again tonight.  Poor girl is weary from her lack of sleep all week.


  1. Sweet Poppy do please let mum have a good night’s sleep tonight. She is not lucky like you. She can’t curl up in a cosy corner at work like you do at home. Tell her I just love her flower photos. My garden is struggling with the hot days then cool days, torrential rain and then hot sun. We are having the strangest weather here for 40 years. The world seems to be topsy turvey. At least for the time being we are not having to worry about Covid. Fingers crossed. I can’t help thinking about all the poor nurses overseas and send them my best thoughts. ❤️

  2. I just got back from the surgery..
    Had my virus jab..had the Oxford one,
    so l did'nt have to wait for 15mins..
    though if l'd have driven, l would have
    had to wait 20mins..!
    All in all very straight forward, back in
    three weeks for the booster..!

    Time for a lemon tea and a slice of Scroggin
    Slice..Yum! :).

  3. My Seney lived to be 20. The last 5 years she spent serenading me day in and out. A large Maine Coon with a large voice. I enjoyed the flower.

  4. What a beautiful flower! When Nellie (she was siamese and was LOUD) started howling at night it was 2 things, she could not see well, so Mom got a nightlight and put it in the room by her litter box and one in the hallway. We did not know it, but Nellie had arthritis. We tried a heating pad that she put in a cat bed. It worked so well that Mom got her a heated cat bed Purrhaps that might help Poppy with sleeping. Cats howling at night is not fun! Have a marvellously Happy Day.

  5. I delight in the varied colours of flowers; that one is marvellous. I hope there is nothing amiss with you, Poppy. Your yowling seems to be diminishing, and that will allow your mum to sleep - but she probably won't sleep if she worries about you.

  6. Rest and recoup is always a lovely thing to do
    Love the variegated flower. Enjoy your weekend

  7. Oh dear me Poppy girl ... you & your howling must be giving Miss Pip a bit of a competition. I have had interrupted sleep too - it is not good for us "girls who are of a certain age". That dahlia flower is beautiful & I love the variegated colours in it.

  8. That flower is beautiful, Poppy. We hope you are okay, sweet girl, and that yuor yowling will continue to diminish.