Sunday, January 31, 2021

Day Out

Mum went out with a bestie for a little waffle brunch beside the sea.  The girls then wandered around the garden center to look at some greenery.   It was hot today so mum was glad to get home and be in the shade to read her book and talk to me!!

The good news is no howls last night so mum got a better night's sleep.


  1. Looks like Mum had a nice day out Poppy!x
    Still very cold over here, and no rain to~day,
    and NO trip to the supermarket, l looked in the
    fridge, cupboard, nothing a really need, so, l
    can go a few more days..! :)

    Busy on the PC this morning, everyone is posting...!
    And a few e~mails sent out..all done, think l'll
    get lunch ready as well..Curry to~day! Yum! :)

  2. Lots of snow here this morning Poppy. So it's quite lovely to see your blue sky and those beautiful flowers.

  3. That looks pretty nice to us, Poppy. We are expecting lots of snow starting sometime tonight. :)

  4. Look at that cloudless blue sky over the sea! Wonderful. Even more wonderful was the lack of howls from you, Poppy. That makes me feel better about you.

  5. Good for you poppy. Very thoughtful. 🥰

  6. Such lovely photos Poppyq. I bet you wish you could go with mum. I sure do. I only live 15 mins from the beach but it must be more than 2 years since I got there. It is next on my list when I feel better so will tell you all about it then. 🥰