Thursday, February 4, 2021


 The night howling has reduced but the evening howling has increased.  Mum is trying tonight to ignore it, as if she responds each time I keep crying.  She is thinking of getting a Feliway diffuser - has anyone used them?  Was it helpful?


  1. I have used the feliway spray, for two cats. One for the Maine coon who did all the crying for years, and now for precious when she's in her cat carrier. To be honest I never found that it was a big help. I really think aging is what causes them to do so much yowling.

  2. Lynn said it might be aging...Well..I'm getting
    on in years, and l have'nt started howling yet! :)

    HeHe! Bless! I just had a look on line these may
    cause a cat to howl...But not the last one..!
    Though aging is mentioned...
    Illness..The first step is a thorough checkup by your veterinarian..
    Attention seeking..
    Despite what some people think, cats don't like being alone a lot..
    Wants food..
    Greeting you..
    They are lonely..
    A stressed cat..
    Aging cats..
    Cats that want to breed..

    So never mind Poppy!x If you want a little howl,
    you howl away..! :).

  3. Poppy, has your mum had you tested for hyper-thyroidism? Thinking about the howling and also the weight loss previously mentioned (recently). If not, I strongly suggest it.

    As for Feliway: Yes, I have and continue to use it for Derry, though I really can't say it helps (or doesn't).

    You also might ask your vet about Zyklene -- it's out of the UK some years now, derived from milk proteins, and is good for short-term calming of cats (if that's appropriate). It comes in a capsule and I open it and mix it with Derry's canned. Technically it's supposed to be for short-term use (up to 30 days), but I've been using it off and on for Derry since we lost Nicki. If I know workers will be around I'll give it to him 2x per day (AM and PM), otherwise I tend to give it to him in his evening meal. I think that DOES make a difference.

    There are other calming products and treats, some of which I've tried, but I haven't seen any difference for Derry. Every cat is different, though. I still would check first for a medical issue with Poppy.

  4. Hi Poppy! I was going to say it may be age related too. I think you started blogging not too long after us so am thinking you are probably around 14?
    Flynn was always very vocal but his last couple of years that turned to howling and yowling. Of course that may have been because he wasn't feeling 100% with his hyperthyroidism. He did it while Eric was still here so it wasn't because he was missing him.

  5. poppy... cuzin boomer used ta yowl all de time in hiz later yearz...VEREE LOUD LEE; now cuzin dai$y haz started; we honest lee think itz ree lated ta hearing loss... cauz they both had/haz good health otherwise..... mum can sorta check if thiz iz troo... bye walkin up two ewe N see in if ya notizz; ore makin a loud noiz of sortz, ta see if ya "hearz" it ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. I want to second the comment about hyperthyroidism. When my cat suddenly started howling several times a day I took her to the vet. She tested positive for hyperthyroidism. The vet prescribed a cream to rub into her ear daily which helped reduce the hyperthyroidism and she did stop howling. It was a pain to give as I had to use disposable gloves to be sure I didn’t dose myself. But she tolerated it well.

    1. I used to dose Annie via transdermal gel too, because no one could pill her, but if I recall, I used a Q-tip to apply it. I don't remember using gloves, but I know I didn't use my bare finger, either. Howling can be a sign of hyper-t, which is why it's worth the money to get that tested the next time Poppy goes.

  7. I think you have some good suggestions here. It does sound like a veterinary visit is in order.

  8. Crying or howling can also be the result of kidney issues and complications such as high blood pressure. I hope your Mum and vets can get this sorted quickly for you. My cats never responded well to Fel-away.

  9. I am behind in my blogs, Poppy, so I am just reading this now. Fweliway hasn't worked in my household, but some swear by it. Your mum might try a collar, rather than a diffuser; the collar follows you around, as it were.