Saturday, August 19, 2017


 It is Caturday again folks, although for us it is late evening and the mumster is thinking that she will head off to bed soon.  Me - well I have been on her bed for hours already.   Mum put a new quilt on the bed tonight.  It has a touch of pink and birdies on it.  I approve.

She also finally got a u shaped pillow so that when she reads in bed she is more comfortable.   She has been thinking about one for months now and finally thought why not.  She will test drive it tonight.

She had a quiet day, lunch out with a friend with a spot of shopping.  Then home to do some chores and cook some dinner.
Now us girls are chilling.   Mum has a face mask on to clear her pores and is thinking that she has time to watch something quick on TV, and then it is time for bed.

We hope you are having a great Caturday and planning something fun to do/see/eat/watch/drink/listen to !!!


  1. Pink with birdies...Yep! l would approve of that
    to...anything pink is o.k. by me! :).
    I like the U shaped pillow, looks nice Poppy!x
    Looks big enough for you to hide in..You'll have
    to look around it, see if there's a way in...! :).

    I hope Mum isn't looking at anything funny on TV,
    with here face mask on, if she starts to laugh,
    she'll crack the mask, and, that will never do!
    It's a pity you can't use the camera Poppy!x
    Give us all a chuckle! HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Happy Caturday to you as well!!!

  3. Happy Caturday Poppy. Nothing much on our calendar but mum has to take our brother to the V-E-T
    as his swollen lip issue has returned. He's a bit difficult so keep paws crossed.

    1. The best of luck to the little (and difficult) fellow at the doctor's.

  4. Another perfect post. Yummy yummy

  5. A u-shaped pillow? I've never heard of one. It acts as a prop, I take it?