Friday, July 31, 2020


Mums throat has gradually got a bit more sore during the week.  The pain has been worse overnight with trouble with her lying flat and she has spent the past three nights awake tossing and turning.  She woke up in a lot of pain, and even considered going to the hospital.  Instead she decided to ring her doctor, who wasn't working, but another dr would fit her in.  At the moment, they ring you back at home for a phone consultation to see if you need to come in.  The doctor agreed to see mum and she headed down for her face to face appointment.

Once at the doctors surgery mum had to don a mask to sit in the waiting room, which wasn't busy and she only had to wait 5 minutes to see the doctor.  After an examination and chat mum was then sent for a blood test.  The doctor agreed that mum might have an infection or abscess so wanted a couple of checks done.  The blood test was quick even though mum has tricky veins,  the phlebotomist found them pretty quickly.  The good news is that the visits here are pretty cheap.  To go to the GP is NZ$65 about $30US or 30 pounds.  The blood test is free, and the three prescriptions that mum had to get were NZ$5 each.  

Mum was astonished reading some tweets from people in the US waiting 13 days to get Covid swab tests back.  Mum has had two tests done , both were free and results available within 24 hours with the results texted back to her phone.

So fingers crossed, mum has a little more pain relief and will try to get some rest tonight.  I am sick of her tossing and turning, I try to snuggle next to her but she is wormy squirmy.


  1. Oh! Your poor Mum Poppy!x
    How awful..still at least your NH was on
    the ball and got Mum seen to, doctor and
    all..lets hope final results are all o.k.
    And are you wearing a mask and hat looking
    after Mum to..Hope so..! :). God Bless!x

  2. We hope your mum is better soon, Poppy. We didn't know that NZ doesn't have medical care covered by taxes. Are you more like the US? Here in Canada doctors visits, blood work, etc. are covered by provincial health care (NOT prescriptions, though), as are medical procedures, surgeries, and so on. Wait times can be LONG, though, and certain things are not covered by public health care.

    Anyway, Derry is sending your mum lots of healing purrs!

    1. Kim, our healthcare is like yours. Hospital and ambulance are free. Visits to the GP for adults are all we pay for and our prescriptions are subsidized.

  3. we iz so sorree yoo iz sick and hope that you iz bettah soonest

  4. We are hoping mum is much better by now. What an unpleasant time to be sick
    with anything. Where I live in the US, we have free covid testing and there are
    drive throughs to have it don. Don't know about the big cities, though. Enough
    to keep track of here in my area. Have a good weekend, Poppy.

  5. This is sounding serious, Poppy. I’m sorry your mum has to go through this, one thing atop another. How come it costs money to go to the doctor is New Zealand? I thought you had something akin to Britain’s National Health Service or our (Canada’s) Medicare. It never costs anything to go to the doctor here.

  6. I am sorry your mum is feeling so rough, Poppy. I hope the meds and pain relief help her get a better night's sleep.
    I always assumed that healthcare was free in NZ the same as the UK. Everything is free apart from prescriptions, but they are free for certain health conditions and also for pensioners.

  7. We are crossing all paws and hooves that the results will be good. We hope your mum feels better very soon.

    Tama and Genji

  8. I hope Mum is feeling lots better real soon Poppy. I hope you are being a good nurse maid & taking good care of her xx

  9. I really hope your human is feeling better soon!

  10. Oh no, I hope your Mum is way better soon, with the medicine doing what it should. Sending gently, healing care to her and patience to you, xx
    Michelle in Northlond, Wgtn

  11. Sorry your mum has a sore throat, hopefully something the drugs will cure.

  12. We are purring and praying that Mum feels better soon, Poppy!