Sunday, August 2, 2020


Thanks for all the well wishes.  Mum has never had so much pain in her life, but has had moments when the pain relief has given her some ease in symptoms and today she even managed to sleep for a couple of hours.  She never thought that she could survive three days with no sleep, but actually her body doesn't feel to stressed out.  It has been quite the weekend though, and mum is glad that next week is her week off, but what a way to start a staycation.

So she is off to try and get some more rest and I will try and snuggle up with her if she is able to lie down again.  Thanks for all of the healing purrs.


  1. Glad to hear the good wishes and purrs
    are helping Poppy!x And your care and
    snuggles even more so..Hope Mum's better
    through the week..! :).

    I'm busy, busy, family down for the weekend
    until Tuesday..just getting ready for a
    special lunch..going to the beach tomorrow,
    and Zeeva, one of my daughters Staffy's loves
    the beach and sea, so she's having a day out!
    As it's over 100 miles away where they live
    up in the she loves the sea down
    here..! :).

  2. Maybe mum is on the mend, Poppy. Hope so and that
    next week she will feel back to normal while off work.
    Then she will be able to walk about town maybe. And of
    course spend lots of time with you.

  3. We hope your Mom feels all better super soon.

  4. We sure hope your mum feels better soon, Poppy. We are sad she is in such discomfort.

  5. There is nothing worse than constant pain. I am glad the pain relief is helping your mum get some sleep. I hope the staycation helps so she can try and rest completely. I send her my best wishes.

  6. I'm sending more healing purrs to your human... and of course I am sure you're doing your part, Poppy.

  7. Continued healing purrs to your mum. Glad she has time to rest.