Friday, August 14, 2020


 Today begun real early.  Mums alarm went off at 6.45 am and she just rolled  over and didn't  wake up for another hour.  She then bundled me up in the cat carrier - the horror!!  You see yesterday  mum picked me up, and my tummy was tender and quite matted.  Luckily  the vets had an early appointment  available, so mum dragged me there.  First the weighing - I actually  lost a little bit.  Then my joint injection,  and then the shaving.  The nurse  had to come  in and help because  I don't like my tummy being attacked.   Mum hold my top half and I only managed  one small scratch, luckily the vet was quick.  Then home for treats and a big sleep.

Mum went and got some groceries, they weren't  too busy.  At 5.30pm they announced  that Auckland  would continue  lockdown for another 2 weeks.  We have lesser restrictions  here, no big gatherings, social distancing  and wear a mask on public transport.   Things we can manage.

So we are ready for our weekend  - how about you?


  1. Oh!My! Goodness! Poppy!x
    A shave..still not to bad l suppose,
    though not nice to go through being
    a pussy~cat..and the lumpy bits are
    all gone..!

    They just mentioning New Zealand on
    the News..
    Though the problem now is France...
    Everyone coming back after 4am tomorrow,
    must spend 14 days in Lockdown, so there
    all scrabbling to get on a ferry, catch
    a plane to get back to the UK..before 4am..
    Don't understand why people want to go off
    on holiday abroad in the first place, there
    are plenty of nice places in peoples own
    countries to go visit and stay..!
    But then..people don't think..! :(

    I've got a quiet weekend..l think..l never
    now..someone may come a knocking, for a cuppa
    summat and a chat..! You never know..! :).

    What colour is the mask that you wear Poppy!x

  2. Oh, the horror indeed! Given Derry's recent vet trips, he can sympathize! At least you're free of any matted fur and very likely feeling better with the shaving and the joint injection. Purrs. ♥

  3. Almost sounds like you are getting shaved for Spring coming. Hope it warms up
    so the tummy is not cold.

  4. poppy Q, we R sorree yur day waz knot sew good; frank lee it dee served 7 tinz oh bizcuits anda new shoppin bag ~~~~~~~~~~ ya noe....stay healthee☺☺♥♥

  5. It was a rude awakening for you, but I am sure you feel better without those mats.

  6. We are ready for the weekend, too, Poppy. Sorry you got that shave, but we bet you feel better now.

  7. More than ready for the weekend, Poppy. Is your injection to ease your arthritis, or some other joint pain? Does it last a long time?