Sunday, August 30, 2020


 Mum brunched with a bestie, had a chicken  bagel, bought a new cushion,  walked in the sun, read some of her book, took the washing in, leftovers for dinner, took the washing in, gave me pats, dished up my feast and finally a snuggle in bed.


  1. What a lovely flower Poppy!x
    Wonder what it's called..???
    Someone will know..! :).

    I've just got back from the
    supermarket, spent quite a bit,
    as l did'nt go last week, did'nt
    have a car, all stocked up now..!
    It's 'Bank' holiday weekend over
    here, day off tomorrow, though l
    don't think it'll make much difference..
    But, things are starting to get back to
    normal, as much as it was, schools back
    next week, office workers back in the
    Different people have different ideas..
    As long as people take care, sadly, some
    Nite! Nite! You two..! :o)

  2. your mum's time off sounds as busy as mine. Somewhere in there is a bit of time
    for a good read and lots of purrs and pets. I've got meatballs in the oven baking
    for stocking the freezer. And later it will be a batch of cookies. Precious can help
    only so much and the sound of the mixer sent her to under the bed for her daytime nap.
    Love that beautiful flower. Nothing we have here, so I enjoy seeing NZ plants.

  3. That flower (flowers?) looks very complicated. It looks like it should have fruit or candy on it, as a holiday arrangement.

  4. Purrty flowers. Mum said WOW. Looks like your mum had a bizzy day. Mum did too, cleaning!