Tuesday, August 18, 2020


 Someone stood up on a world stage today and made  rude comments about New Zealand and our huge unsafe  surge in Covid cases.  Would that be the 13 today, currently 6 patients in hospital,  the horrific toll of 22 dead since it entered our country in March,  with fortunately no deaths since May?  Our 1643 total cases in our country of 5 million.  We've done our best, we've closed our shops, worn masks, stayed home, worked at home, done school at home, and supported each other. . Our government have communicated, have lead, have protected, have educated, have listened to the scientists and the senior doctors, have protected as many jobs as they could. They've done their best.  We've done our best.  And we're sure it's not over yet.  


  1. Every country has it's so called opinionators..
    Usually the ones who consider themselves experts,
    politicians, or the ones who consider themselves
    And..they are forever contradicting themselves,
    no two people agree with anything..it's all here
    The UK is in a terrible mess, now were going through
    the mess the government has made over exam results..
    But that's another story..
    I know New Zealand has been praised through out the
    world, your Prime Minister has done a wonderful job
    in running the country, why? because she cares,
    she has a heart..two things that Trump could never
    boast of having...!

    New Zealand is a wonderful country..the only one
    on the planet l'd love to visit..Anything on the
    TV about New Zealand, l 'always' watch..'always'..

    As for most people standing on the world stage,
    l would'nt give them a bag of crisps for there
    opinions..! Amen..!

  2. If only my country would have done something as serious as NZ in the beginning.
    We have 12 dead in just my little rural county! Compared to NZ, mine is a high
    death count. So glad mum is not sick with it and you must take care of her, Poppy.
    There are plenty of folks around the world that do know this is serious and deadly,
    despite the nonsense of the ones who want to be ignorant.

  3. All normal people know that New Zealand has done a wonderful job of keeping the virus under control. The statistics show the truth of that. That puffed up buffoon needs to get his country in order instead of ruining it and then belittling others.

  4. Goodness, that's nuts. New Zealand has done an amazing job with regard to COVID, and your government, as well as every citizen who has complied with regulations, is to be commended. By angels Eric and Flynn's mum's comment, I take it the "buffoon" is the ding dong south of the Canadian border. Even if not, there are so many "buffoons" on the world stage right now! He/they are not worth any time and attention, just keep on doing a fantastic job. Purrs from Derry.

  5. He who shall not be named, is such an embarrassment to the USA. And, he said those comments from my home state of Minnesota!! Doubly embarrassing! I lost my job a few weeks ago. I job I’ve had for just over 30 years! If our leadership had taken the virus seriously like your great country, I know in my heart I would still have my job, instead of now trying to scramble to get my resume together and try to find another job during a pandemic and being over 60 years old. I know we’re not supposed to hate people but I hate that man with the heat of a thousand suns!!!

  6. Anyone who does his research will see how safe New Zealand is, and how well they have worked against covid-19. Many other countries could benefit from its example, Poppy.

  7. poppy Q; we hope N pray yur countree doez knot listen ta said purrson; N de food servizz gurl needz ta stop typin... ore her will go on a tirade... N bee heer til next august....

    can we moove two yur countree pleez ~~~~~~

    we canna take much mor

  8. I totally 100 % agree with everything you & Mum say little Pops. I didn't hear that person say that but I can just imagine who it was !!!!!! (pulling a face here!!)

  9. Hopefully the outbreak will soon be over.

  10. So, so rude. That someone is an embarrassment to his country and a menace to the world. New Zealand has done such an amazing job in the face of COVID-19. Thank you for being a great example for the rest of the world.

  11. We are SO embarrassed to have this rude person speaking for us against our will. :-( You guys in NZ are doing awesomely.

  12. You NZ peoples have done so much better that many other countries. Sorry that you have new cases but mum thinks that until we get a workable vaccine the virus won't go away.