Sunday, August 16, 2020


 Mums staycation is over and the alarm is set for 5.44am as normal again.  Her coping strategies  are her uniform  is clean and ready, she has loaded up some good podcasts  to listen to on the walk to work.  She also has Chilli nachos  leftovers to take to lunch, and leftovers  for dinner so she won't  have to cook when she gets home tomorrow.   I got extra cuddles today.  I get the whole mum bed back to myself tomorrow  too - bonus.  


  1. Ah! Bless! Nice to have ALL the bed to yourself
    Poppy!x but l bet you miss Mum not being there..!

  2. We hope Mum had a great vacation with you, Poppy. And extra cuddles are awesome. Mum's coping strategies for going back to work are good ones. Hope it's a smooth transition back.

  3. Sounds like mum has planned well to make going and coming from the work day
    a bit easier. And knowing you are keeping the bed heated is big help, Poppy.

  4. By now it's almost midnight your time as the biped types this, and almost into your Tuesday. We hope your mum's work day went well. Good for her for being prepared!

    Enjoy cuddling up in the bed, Poppy. ♥

  5. Rats. I hate it when the holidays end...