Monday, August 17, 2020


 So the mumster was up and awake  at early  o'clock and went off to work.  The mornings are getting  lighter but it was 4 degrees C , which is cool for us and mum was glad of her jacket  and gloves.   I  did some rubbing of sticks in the garden , ate some grass and had lots of sleeps and seemed somewhat  surprised  when mum came home.  

Mum was glad to relax when she got home.  She may have fallen asleep reading her book, what an old lady!! Anyway she made it a short nap as she had nachos  to reheat and dishes to be done.  Mum says the first  day back at work is the worst.  She'll  feel better tomorrow. 


  1. That's a stretchy neck you've got there
    Poppy!x Making sure that all the sticks
    are sill yours..! :).

    I'm just gonna have some lunch, then l
    must go out and cut the rest of the privet
    hedge..l've been meaning to do it for the
    last couple weeks, it's just been to hot,
    to do anything really, but, l must finish
    off that hedge..! :).

  2. At least your mum's well enough to go back to work. That's good to read. Er, Poppy, is your head a little flattened there...?

  3. Poppy, you sleep a lot, so mum deserves a nap too. You look
    so happy in the yard, there. Hope you get warmer weather, so
    mum has a better walk.

  4. furst day bak IZ all ways be werst; we heer de food servizz gurl say that all de time !!!

    pleez N joy sum stix for uz with thanx N heerz two a grate twoozday ♥♥☺☺

  5. You have to give those sticks a good rub so any introoders know they are yours, Poppy.

  6. My mum often falls a sleep reading her book!

  7. At least you have that gorgeous thick coat to keep you warm.