Saturday, August 8, 2020


 I have been having  a nice time snuggling  up on my mum in the evening  before the lights go out.  She likes to read her book and I like to sleep  tucked up between her legs.  It is chilly tonight so we will be off to bed soon.


  1. Pussy~cats are the bestest snugglers in the world Poppy!x
    And..snuggling with Mum is even better..! :).

    It's another hot day, yesterday it reached 36.4..silly
    people on the beach, shoulder to could'nt
    see the sand or the sea for people..and the police closed
    the beach at the morning..! Not for me l'm's even to hot to eat meals out on the patio under
    the umbrella..Phew! Drinking loads of water anyway..! :).

  2. you do look all snuggly, Poppy. That's what time with mum
    is for. Hope she has a good book.

  3. it was so cold the other morning I had Trixie on one side and Bella on my other. I couldn’t move
    Stay warm poppy

  4. The evenings here are starting to cool down. We are heading toward September and autumn - spring for you, Poppy. I like the early part of autumn, so I won't mind the first few weeks...