Saturday, August 29, 2020


 All is quiet in the land of Q this Caturday. Mum has things to do tomorrow, so devoted today to stay at home with me.   She washed her uniforms, her casual clothes, the towels and her underwear and put it all outside to dry, for the breezes now have a touch of warmth in them and they blow about on the line, and smell fresh when she puts them in the drawers, ready to be worn during the week.

She wonders if you had seen this Steve the Talking Cat who uses a few talking buttons to show his mom what he wants.  If I were younger mum would loved to have let me have some buttons, although she would imagine I would be hitting the treats one all night.  She never believed that they would find a way to get cats or dogs to talk in her lifetime, but one day soon she believes we will be able to communicate with out people .

We hope you all have a fun Caturday, don't wear the washing machine out - have some fun!!


  1. Sunshine to~day, after two days of gales/winds,
    blew half my Virginia Creeper down out the
    front, to heavy to pin back up, it'll have to
    be trimmed back..leave it till Monday now!

    Yes! I believe most animals can talk, there
    even finding out, different tones, to denote
    different meanings, no bark or meow is always
    the same, and gestures with their bodies all
    mean something..! I've always thought animals
    are more demonstrative, than humans..And they
    prove that you don't need a voice to get want
    you want..!

    I'll just go check on Steve the Talking Cat...
    No worries about wearing out a washing machine..
    I don't have one..HeHe! Horrid things..!
    HeHe! They ruin cloths..! :(

  2. It is already tomorrow for you, so I hope you had a good day with your mum at home with you.
    We had good weather at last so I was able to catch up on all my washing too.

  3. I think Precious would learn just one word, "crunchies". I see it in her eyes,
    I see it when she sits impatiently by her bowl, when she sits by my chair. Not
    sure I want to hear it non-stop! I bike 30 miles today to a fantastic garden.
    Millions of flowers, and then the 100 year old mansion to stroll thru. Still
    have another day on the weekend to plant flowers. Glad you helped mum do the
    laundry, Poppy. Watch out what words you learn to meow to her.

  4. That sounds like a real nice day with Mum, Poppy! We will go check out Steve now.

  5. Mum will be doing the wash on Sunday.

  6. I'd be hitting the treats button too!

  7. As long as they will still need people to love them, I'm fine with cats and dogs talking, Poppy.