Thursday, August 6, 2020

Home Shows


  1. I have just this minute sent a moaning
    message to Blogger..If l want to edit my
    one and only post..l do at times..l click
    onto the new Blog post rectangle, and it
    takes me to the edit page..which is FULL
    of numbers/letters in technology jargon..
    where~as the old one you just clicked edit,
    and up came yer Post for you to edit..Simple!
    Though l see the old system will be available
    until the 24th August..! :(

    Home Shows..Horrid things..Don't watch them,
    don't watch soaps, don't watch reality shows,
    don't watch silly quiz shows, and ALL the
    comedians are ALL past their sale by date,
    there ALL noisy, violent, aggressive..nowt
    like the old days..when they actually made
    people laugh..The only person l laugh at
    now is...Donald Trump...! :(.

    HeHe! I'm glad Mum had a moan Poppy!x
    I thought l'd join in as well..I feel so
    much better now..Thankyou! Bless!x Grrr! :(.

  2. Hmmm, mum looked at the new blogger way back and didn't like it. They haven't shifted her yet. Mum has watched that home show. She has seen all of the episodes and is amazed at the houses some people buy. To each their own.

  3. Technology has a life of it's own and I feel it does whatever
    it can to aggravate me. The good news of you mum's post is she
    felt like going out a bit. Wonderful and I hope she feels this
    way for a long time. Get rid of the health bugs and the blogger bugs.

  4. poppy; we iz glad mum getted out ta get sum fresh airz.....that DOEZ help...

    yur post two day iz in bloo; but we due knot see any underlinez...for what itz werth de bloo lookz good :) ♥♥

  5. When I did my Wordless Wednesday post on my other blog it had moved me to new Blogger. I clicked to go back to the original and it said that eventually all blogs would be moved. It didn't give another time frame though, so I will stay there as long as possible.

  6. My problem is the spacing of paragraphs and the placement and size of pictures. Why can't they leave things alone?

  7. I wish they would just leave things alone
    Why do they insist on changing what’s not broken
    The blue looks nice at least
    Glad your feeling better