Tuesday, August 11, 2020


 Tonights news has just come on.  There is now some community  spread of Covid 19 in NZ.  We had been lucky and been free of cases for 100 days, with the only known cases from people travelling  into the country  from overseas who are all in isolation.   So Auckland  will be in lockdown  for 3 days, but not as many restrictions  here - yet.  Just when life was feeling  normal again. 


  1. Your country has done so well, even with this outbreak. I really don't think we'll go back to our former "normal." Even when there's a safe, viable vaccine and it's been rolled out to all who want it, I think we'd do well, globally, to keep in mind how easy it is for a pandemic to occur and spread, and to keep up with our personal hygiene practices. I think for myself, I'll be wearing a mask on transit for a very long time to come, possibly indefinitely, even after COVID is but a memory.

    Stay safe, both of you!

  2. If l was Prime Minister..I would'nt let
    'anyone' into the country..any country
    for that matter..o.k. if there nationals
    of that country, then yes!
    All borders should be should be closed..
    And now there's immigration..
    Headlines in the papers..
    'Britain has no way to protect itself from
    this new wave of immigration'..
    What are the politicians doing..sitting round
    a table with the French..talking about it..get
    them on a boat and send them back to France..!
    God! This country is so week and gutless..!
    It's a good job l'm not the PM..action speaks
    louder than words..!

    HeHe! Another good moan Poppy!x I love it...
    Well..it makes me feel better, a good old
    moan, clears the air..it'll still be the same
    tomorrow..but, we'll find summat else to moan
    about..Ah! The weather..it's to hot..!!! :o).

  3. So sorry to hear this about the spread. We have a nursing home in our
    tiny area that every one is sick including the workers. And the older
    folks are dying. It could have been avoided with stronger precautions
    but every one thinks it infringes on their rights. For me, the ones spreading
    it are infringing on my right to be healthy. Take care of mum, Poppy. she's
    had enough aches and pains and sickness already.

  4. poppy Q....ya still look grogeouz tho....we R sorree de nastee azz vy ruzz haz ree terned; itz knot left heer.... 5 million pluz at last count

  5. There may always be outbreaks like this, Poppy, until a vaccine is developed. But New Zealand continues to be fortunate, in its location, its people and its leaders.

  6. Oh no! We hope your family stays safe!

  7. Your country has been doing such a wonderful job and hopefully the three day lockdown is all you need to get back on track. Poppy. we love this photo of you so much. Thanks for share. Have a great day and stay safe.
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  8. Darn it. We're sorry to hear about that community spread in New Zealand, Poppy. Still, though, you have all done such a great job in the fcae of the pandemic. Stay safe and well. XO

  9. Paws crossed it is contained. You guys have done such a good job so far.

  10. Your country will do a good job to keep it contained. Life will be back to more normal soon.