Sunday, August 23, 2020

Tired Napper

 Mum she got up real early like 7am, and got herself all tidy and stuff.  She went out to the cinema and saw The Booksellers (3.5/5) and 23 Walks (4.5/5).  Then she took a bus into town, did a touch of shopping,  got a pizza and came home.  First things first - fancy feast for yours truly, pizza and Pepsi Max for her, then a wee talk in the bedroom before I had a photo session before I tuckered out at 5pm.  Time for my 23 hour nap.  Night nighty.


  1. ooooO! a photo session..sounds great Poppy!x
    Look at those lovely eyes..hope we see a few
    more photos in the coming days..!
    Better say Nite! Nite! then..Nite! Nite!x

  2. A full but enjoyable day for your mum, Poppy, and a full one for you, too, what with the sleeping and eating...

  3. That certainly sounds like a fun day, Poppy. Mum was busy! Have a nice nap, sweet girl.

  4. Of course a bit of a cat nap after a can of feast. Sounds lovely to
    do the cinema and pizza, but not really a kitty thing, huh Poppy.

  5. Must be pizza night, that is what mum had too.

  6. As long as you got your Fancy Feast.