Monday, August 3, 2020


Mum says a sign of feeling better is an appetite returning, and today mum managed to keep down some ramen noodles and an apple which has made her feel much better.  Her sore throat has eased by 90% over the day, making her feel much better.  The pain had been right below her mandible and felt like it was in the deep tissues surrounding her neck, making it difficult to swallow and she was unable to lie down for 3 days, as as soon as she got flat the pain would increase after a couple of minutes and make her jump up.  

She agreed with the dr that she saw that there was no external swelling or difficulty breathing which are warning signs, and her blood test results came back as normal, which the dr said was probably that something was very irritated and swollen, but not infected.  Anyway mum is glad that it is almost over.  A couple of times over the weekend she was tempted to call the ambulance to go to the hospital as the pain was super intense and getting unbearable and not being managed by the pain relief.  

So now she is off to get some rest and hopefully have a bit more normal tomorrow.


  1. Your poor mum. We're glad she's starting to feel a little better now. Purrs from Derry.

  2. Good Heavens, what is going on there? It seems to have come on relatively suddenly, too. It is a good sighn that your mum wants to eat, and she needs to keep her strength up. Perhaps some beef or chicken soup... The best of luck to her, and have her let us know how she is feeling later.

  3. Poppy, you keep a sharp eye on mum and see she has no back sliding on this thing!
    I do hope that having a bit of an appetite works to her advantage. This has been
    most difficult for mum and I hope her week off goes better.

  4. cranbereez poppy Q; we hope bye two morrow mum iz like 90 million timez better;
    ya noe, a nice bowl oh trout soop mite bee just de thing, matterz knot if de doctor ordered it ore knot.... itza scaree thing now a dayz what with vy ruzz.... bee safe N healthee ☺☺☺♥♥♥ both oh ewe ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  5. I am glad your mum is at last feeling a bit better, and I hope she continues to improve.

  6. That is bad if she was thinking of calling an ambulance. Glad she is feeling a bit better and is able to eat.