Sunday, August 9, 2020

Day Out

 Mum took herself out today.  She stocked up on vegetables - spring onions, pumpkin,  kumera, onions, beetroot,  swede, carrots, avocados  and parsnips.  

There were lots if people  out and about as the sun was warm even though it was a little cool and windy.  Mum enjoyed  sitting  beside the water as she enjoyed  her lunch of a satay chicken  roti wrap.  

So roasted chicken  and piles of veg for mums dinner with leftovers  for tomorrow  night.  Mum had never  roasted beetroot  before and she didn't  really enjoy  it.  Oh well live and learn.

We hope you enjoyed  seeing  her day out.


  1. HeHe! That's an awful lot of fruit and veg for
    one person Poppy!x How is Mum gonna manage to
    eat ALL that..Bless! Seriously though it ALL
    looks lovely, l love markets, especially fruit
    markets, all that lovely colour..! :).
    And..the photos are lovely, nice, bright and
    sunny..! :o).

    I've just put a dozen chicken wings in the
    small oven, l'm gonna enjoy them with barbeque
    sauce and new potatoes out on the patio, if it's
    not to hot, to~day it's up to 34.8..a bit to hot!

  2. Your farmers' market looks wonderful, Poppy and Mum Julie. Such a great selection!

  3. What a delightful sight of veggies and fruits. Sounds like
    mum hit the jack pot on all of it. We eat roasted beets and
    rutabaga a lot and do enjoy it.

  4. Wow, that is quiet the fresh produce market. Mum says it all looks delish.

  5. Mmm, a wonderful produce market! Your mum had a lovely outing, Poppy. We hope you had a good day too!

  6. What a wonderful display of fresh vegetables. I have never liked beets (as we call them in Canada). My father liked pickled beets, which is like adding insult to injury...