Monday, August 10, 2020


 It was an exciting  start to mums day.  Her first job was to go and get her ears hoovered.  When she had been to the doctors they had mentioned  that she had lots of wax in her ears.  She only remembers  having  her ears syringed as a kid, so it might be a few decades of  build up.  Anyway the nurse was nice and just explained  that it would not be painful, just super noisy.  Apparently  mum has small canals and was a bit bunged up but it only took 10 minutes and $50.

She then went and had some pork and chive dumplings for her lunch and wandered  around the library  and got some groceries.   She can't  decide if she can hear any better but she feels better for getting  it done, after thinking  about it for a few months.

Me - my ears are fine.  I was glad she got out if bed - I wanted her spot on the bed.


  1. HeHe! Pardon..? Who said that..? :).
    I've had my ears done twice, once as a boy,
    and once just a couple years ago..think l
    made some candles with my wax..No! No! l jest! :o).
    Your ears look lovely Poppy!x Just like the rest of
    you..! :o).

    It's another hot day to~day ..30+..already, though
    thunder storms forecast for Thurs/Frid..and the
    gardens and plants certainly need it..
    And..silly people are flocking to the beaches, shoulder
    to shoulder..talking of another Lockdown already..a
    lock~up would be more appropriate..silly people! :(.

  2. Your mum has had plenty doctoring lately. Hopefully with Spring on the way, she is
    finished and done with it all. That way you both can enjoy the warmer weather.
    I miss going into the library to browse, but I still choose to do curb side pick up.
    As soon as I have read all the books by my favorite authors, I will have to peruse the shelves.
    They only allow a few people in at a time, and then you must keep your visit short so others
    can enjoy the privilege. Precious has super fine tuned ears, that make her run at the slightest loud
    noise, and then she always has "itchy" ears. She loves to have they rubbed and rubbed.

  3. poppy...N we hope mum bringed home a pork & noe chive dumpling for ewe ina nice shoppin bag ;) ☺☺♥♥

  4. Oh, I have to have that done, too, Poppy, though I don't think I have as much time invested in ear-wax as your mum...