Friday, August 7, 2020

Spring Flowers

 Mum felt a bit better today and headed out with a bestie for lunch where she had a pile of corn fritters for her lunch - that will get her bowels moving again.  Then there was a wander around the garden center where there were lots of spring flowers ready for the gardens.  The girls did lots of walking  around some other shops, so mum was tired getting home.  Luckily  I was keeping  her bed warm and she might even get a full nights sleep.


  1. Oh! Wow! Poppy!x Those flowers are lovely,
    and some of my favourites to..Pansies..!
    Love seeing flowers in pots, in the garden,
    in the hedgerows and fields..NOT! cut up
    and put in silly vases on windowsills...
    l consider that cut a flowers
    life in half by doing the experts say..!

    Looks as if we're gonna have the hottest day
    ever..they're say it'll be 39 degrees...Phew!
    I put washing out at 8 this morning, by 10 it
    was ready to iron..! Job done! :).
    Now! Where did l put my fan...! :o).

  2. The flowers are pretty, Poppy. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that our garden centres were opening, filled with annuals and perennials. Now we're hurtling at breakneck speed toward our fall and winter.

    Anyway, we hope you both have a lovely weekend; take good care of each other.

  3. I enjoy seeing the spring flowers for sale. Just don't like to think here it will be
    winding down on hot weather in a few weeks. Where do the seasons race off to?
    Glad mum had a meal out and you are there to be sure she gets rest and warmth
    when she returns, Poppy.

  4. poppy...what....noe shoppin bag !!!! theeze flowerz bee awesum, we noe yur spring iz knot two far thata way >>>>>>>> spring round heer waz thata way <<<<<

    happee week end two ewe & mum, bee healthee ♥♥☺☺

  5. The flowers are lovely, and pansies always look so cheerful.

  6. Pleased to read Mum is feeling better Poppy. Those flowers look wonderful - I can see lots of signs of spring in my garden here too.

  7. Purrty flowers! Hopefully the outing and exercise will help your mum get some good sleeps.