Monday, August 31, 2020


 Mum worked all day, the last day of August  and the first day she had to wear a mask on the bus, which  was ok as the bus was quiet.  She stopped  for groceries  on the way home and made herself a veg stir fry and steak and while she was cooking she baked a fritatta in the oven for her lunches for the next couple of days. 

I relaxed and only stopped relaxing for the meal break and the mini meal break.


  1. Phew! I've been busy with Virginia Creeper.. all looks o.k. now, cut out a lot and
    pinned it back against the wall..tidy at least..!

    I'm off for some lunch..smoked mackerel and salad,
    with a nice piece of chunky bread..! :).

    Oh! Poppy!x Thank Mum for the e~mail..She was right,
    it was a computer generated pretend eruption...! :).

  2. A bad storm here took the top out of a huge tree 2 days ago. Always disappointed
    to lose a tree. Nice and extra cool now, though. Fritatta sounds like good dinner.
    Wish I had gray carpet to hide Precious's furs. You look lovely comfy, Poppy.

  3. You had the better day, we suspect, Poppy. :-D

    The biped has been wearing a mask on the buses since the third week of June; today (Monday the 31st) is the first day that bus schedules have returned to normal, after months of barely any service. We'll see how things go when school starts in a few days!

    Take care and stay well, both of you.

  4. Masks required on the bus now? Stay safe!