Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hello September Spring

 Not much happening here.  The winds changed to rain, and a southerly, which is cold for us, and brings snow to other places.  Thank you first day of September and first day of spring.  The heaters are on, and the quilts are piled back on the bed.  Mum reheated some roti breads for her dinner and had them with a beef salad, which in theory seemed good, but was rather disappointing.  So she turned up the heater and binge watched a couple of episodes of The Split, a series that has sat on the DVR for almost 2 years and which she is enjoying, and glad she has recorded the recent series.

Guidelines here are masks to be worn on any form of public transport, buses, trains and planes.  The buses that mum has been on to and from work are much quieter than usual, as many people have chosen to drive to work rather than take the bus.  Things may change though as more people get used to it.  Mum doesn't mind, personally she thinks that if we all wore masks until Covid hopefully passes through it would be less risky for everyone. Mum doesn't understand the people that complain about masks - suck it up buttercups.


  1. Got back from town, out with the Flymo..
    And cut the grass out back, finished off
    the Virginia Creeper, looking good out
    the front..Gearing up for lunch, and there
    your are..wandering about, all BIG..fluffy
    and grey..! Bless!x

    I'm having Chinese for lunch, my neighbour
    had family over yesterday for a meal, they
    sent out for Chinese, and they always over
    order, so l get the left overs, so, l've
    got enough for three meals..l don't like
    seeing food wasted, last week they brought
    me round an Indian..food that is, not a
    person..HeHe! :o).

    Masks..I've worn one since the very beginning,
    take it off to eat and drink..otherwise it's a
    bit difficult..my daughter made a couple of
    pink ones..then l saw one with a tigers face
    on it..it was on line, so, asked my daughter to
    get it for me..looks good..! :o).

  2. Happy Spring to you both! It's the start of our meteorological fall here, though of course the real start isn't until the equinox, later this month. Still, here we think of post-Labour Day (first Monday of September) as the start of fall!

    I have a slew of masks, both cloth and the surgical ones. My favs are the cloth ones with adjustable ear loops. Sure they're hot, especially when you're on the bus and have a hot flash (lol), but it's a public health issue. So we're with you, suck it up, buttercup. Unless you have a legit health reason, in which case you certainly can wear a face shield!

    Anyway, enjoy the start of your spring!

  3. I agree, wear the mask! I have to wear "shirt and shoes" to go into a store for decades,(according to the signs
    on the doors) so I figure a mask is nothing much to expect. I do not get near the folks who disregard the mask
    signs. Our state mandated masks finally, in Late July. Too late for many.
    Love your mum watching good shows with you at her side, Poppy.

  4. I have my comforter back on my bed, too, but because it is approaching autumn, not spring. My city has a by-law enforcing mask-wearing in public places or where the public gathers (eg. shops), which I don't mind. It's a small inconvenience.

  5. wavez two ewe poppy Q and spring frum trout towne and all most fall !!!

    wear we live ya hasta wear a mask....it bee mandatoree :) ☺☺♥♥

  6. My human totally agrees with you about the masks. She is embarrassed at how bad our own country is about them.

  7. Mum agrees on the masks, just wear it! Plus with her she just needs to wear one for short times when she is in a store or the library. She makes sure she has one with her all the time. Keeps a spare in the metal monster.