Saturday, September 19, 2020

Social Distancing Caturday

The conference of neighborhoods  cats took place at 10am with all attendees at a good social distance.  A few hisses and meows were exchanged before the meeting was concluded. 



  1. HaHa! AND...Did you have a slight 'Paws'
    before the meeting concluded...! :).
    No guesses as what you did after that...
    zzzzzzzzzzzzZ! :o).

  2. If only humans could learn to social distance as well as you do, Poppy!

  3. At that distance, no mask required. Wonder what hidden meaning
    was in the hisses and meows? Looking Spring like with some sun beam
    and green grass. Nice for you to get drop by neighbor once in a while,
    Poppy. Keeps from feeling too solitary.

  4. You could teach some humans what social distancing means, Poppy!

  5. Good job with social distancing! Can you come teach the people in NY how to do it properly?

  6. You guys did a great job of social distancing! Too bad you can't come to the U.S. and teach the humans here how to do it.

  7. Great job with that social distancing, Poppy!