Thursday, September 3, 2020

More Flowers

Mum admires the flowers in the shops and the ones on the outside displays.  It has been years since she has brought any, even though she loves them they  make her a bit sad as they don't last very long.  She will go looking soon for some potted flowers that will last a couple  of months  and she can look at every  day and enjoy.



  1. That's the only flowers l have in my home Poppy!x
    Potted ones and plants..that will last and last,
    if you cut flowers you cut their lives in half,
    silly people put them in a vase, on a window sill,
    and there dead within days..very cruel.. :(.
    HeHe! That's my moan for to~day..! Bless!

  2. I prefer potted plants too for indoors.
    Before lockdown a friend gave me a big bouquet of oriental lilies. Each flower didn't last many days, but there were so many buds that they lasted over a month.

  3. Beautiful to enjoy while they last. And for me, the photo will last
    indefinitely. Hope you don't have flower allergies, Poppy, don't sneeze.

  4. I love the colour of flowers. Perhaps they don't last long to make us appreciate them while they are here.

  5. poppy flowerz bee awesum !!! R iz on de way out... eggs cept for de fake flowerz in de front yard potz :) ☺☺♥♥

  6. I adore flowers too Poppy & this year I have made the decision to pick vases of them & enjoy them inside as they just get whipped to pieces out in the weather.