Thursday, September 10, 2020


It is cold and wet here, mum and I had eaten our dinner by 6pm.  So mum is going to pop into bed and it is only 7pm.  She's going to watch some Doc Martin on the laptop.  Night 🌙. 



  1. I hope your mum has a good night's sleep. It was chilly here this morning, but the sun is out now.

  2. Ah! still using your mask Poppy!x
    There's a good girl..! :).

    I was reading on line that Doc Martin,
    is coming to an end..after
    has been very popular over here, l'm
    afraid l don't watch Docs or hospital
    things..bit to upsetting for me..! :(.

  3. Cold and wet? It sounds like you are getting autumn weather. Here it is still summer weather, though there is a touch of autumn in the background.

  4. Sometimes an early night is just what a person needs.