Thursday, September 24, 2020


It seems we will have a couple of nice days after last weeks stormy weather and before the next lot rolls in.  So no big sleeping in  tomorrow  for the mumster- she will have to get the washing  machine revved up and ready to go.  She has 3 days off, and some treats planned and lots of relaxing to do too.  Me too!!!



  1. As l look out the Paddington Bear curtains,
    it's pouring down with rain, just gone mid
    day..though l put washing out first thing,
    before l went into town, and it was dry when
    l got back..! :).

    Poppy!x Thanks to you..l had an eventful morning
    in town..I~WENT~TO~THE~LIBRARY..! HeHe!
    One one the ladies l know said to me as l walked
    in.."Hello Willie, what are you doing here..have
    you learnt to read at last"..
    I said "NO! A pussy~cat who lives in New Zealand,
    suggested l check out my here l am".
    Then she said.."The chidrens books are down the
    end". Well..! Well..! Well..!
    HeHe! What could l say..I left very quietly..! :o).

    Oh! Enjoy your three days with Mum..Lots of treats,
    lots of relaxing to..Lots of reading for Mum..Enjoy!x

    1. Well done Willie. It is nice you already had a friend there. Not so scary after all.

      Have a nice weekend.

  2. I expect no less from you, Poppy,except relaxing! Do a good job of it.
    Precious loves to relax, but out of site as usual. At least you can be seen!
    Hope mum has a bit of a rest while the laundry is drying.

  3. N joy de three day poppy Q; we hope mum getz ta due sum stuff her troo lee N joyz :) ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  4. Woot! Treats and relaxing sounds good to us, Poppy. We hope you and Mum enjoy!

  5. Three days off! That's a long weekend to me!