Monday, September 28, 2020

van Gogh

Mum went with some friends  to see the van Gogh exhibition that is on in town .  Large artworks are projected  onto metal shipping  containers with music played.  The afternoon was stormy but the weather cleared and even though mum felt  a bit grumpy  about the tickets starting at 9.30pm she actually  enjoyed  being out on a school  night.  Now she has to wind down so she can go to sleep.



  1. Oh! Wow! Poppy!x
    I love this, l'm a BIG fan of Van Gogh..
    His work, his life etc..And, l love the
    film 'Lust for Life' 1956 with Kirk Douglas..
    Seen it quite a few times now..and will
    continue to..Amazing film..!

  2. That would have been amazing! Years ago there was a Van Gogh exhibit at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa and I was able to go. It was fabulous, but I was so taken aback by how SMALL many of the paintings were. They seem larger than life, I suppose. It was incredible to see the real paintings, though.

  3. Incredible sight for mum to see! So colorful!

  4. poppy KEWL IZ THIZ !!!!! hay, tell mum we said thanx for sharin; thiz bee awesum !!!! ☺☺♥♥

  5. Super cool but not something that you can do during the day!

  6. Nine-thirty is a pretty late start, but I guess they wanted to be sure of the darkness.