Tuesday, September 8, 2020


 It looks like mum has come home without her phone.  She is sure that it will be at work somewhere hopefully.  So annoying.  Now she knows she won't sleep well as she can't rely on her alarm.  If someone has taken it from her bag they might just get a nice wake up call at 5.50am.


  1. Oh! Dear! If it does go off at 5.50..
    At least it will be found..perhaps
    it's an idea if Mum dials the number,
    see if anyone picks it up at work..!

  2. Poppy, it's up to you to wake her on time. After all, your
    tummy alarm will go off. If only mum could have called her
    phone at work and someone would have answered to say they
    found it!

  3. Uh oh! We hope your mum gets her phone back, that no one has taken it. Fingers/paws crossed!

  4. Oh noes, I hopes she just misplaced it!

  5. poppy Q.....we hope mum findz her fone; mite bee a good eye dea to ree port it mizzin just in case..... 984 pawz crozzed ~~~~~~~~~~

  6. That is annoying indeed. I think the worst of it for me would be not being able to look for it until the next day. I hope it's found.

  7. Oh no! We sure hope Mum finds her phone at work.