Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday Nighting

Mum had a nice day off.   Uniforms and knickers  were out on the washing  line by 8am.  Mum then made an appointment at the optician.  All those eye tests have gone spaceship modern snd fancy.  Turns out mums left eye is a little wonky so of course glasses are recommended  for a bit of long distance focusing.   They have to get in the frames she wants to try on, and she needs to take a friend to get a second opinion. 

Mum came home and I was so pleased to see her I puked on the carpet.  Mum was thrilled but she thinks I feel better now.  She had thought I was a  little bit off this morning  and was glad to see that I wanted my dinner and a drink later.

She ruined her only going out  once rule and went out for the evening.  She went and saw The Rocky Horror  Picture  Show.  3/4 of the audience  were dressed up and no mum did not.  There was singing, dancing and toilet paper and streamers thrown around and the whole 600 audience  enjoyed  it.  No masks or worries about Covid tonight from this crowd.  So mums ears are ringing now and she will sleep  well tonight.



  1. Oh! My Goodness Poppy!x
    This is a bit of an 'X' rated post.. you l think
    l'd need to go to the opticians, if
    l saw knickers on my washing line..! :).

    I know a lot of my friends have been to
    the Rocky Horror Picture Show..but, l seem
    to have missed out on it, though when l worked
    as a DJ many years ago, l used to play songs and
    music from the album..and the crowd always went
    through the dance motions..always looked great!

    Hope Mum has a good night sleep, don't forget to
    wake her at 5am..HeHe! :).
    I slept like a log last night..woke up in the fire

  2. Sounds like mum had a wild and fun night! Glad so many enjoyed the crazy show.
    Hope her ears are all done ringing. And new glasses coming soon, too.
    Now Poppy, do you have a fur ball waiting to work it's way up? Precious
    gave me a beautiful one on the carpet a few days ago. I am so appreciative.

  3. We're pretty sure the highlight of your mum's day was your barfing, Poppy. :-P

    Have a terrific weekend, both of you.

  4. poppy Q; de food gurl haz knot seen rocky horror in yeerz !!! glad mum hada awesum nite out; N joy de rest oh de week end; R's startz heer ina few ☺☺♥♥

  5. Sometimes it takes a good barf to feel better, eh, Poppy?

  6. Sometimes it pays to break the rules and enjoy yourself. Glad your tummy is feeling better.