Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Mum found her phone  at work this morning  - crisis averted.  She did try putting the alarm on on her laptop.  She followed all of the instructions,  including  making sure that the computer  would not go to sleep, putting  the volume up high and making sure it was on am not pm - which she has done before.   If course  it didn't  work.  Luckily I came and woke her up at 6.30am which mum was happy about.  So I got extra treats and cuddles  today.  Mum said I was a good girl.  She is pleased  that her alarm will be set for tomorrow morning. 



  1. Ah! So pleased Mum found her phone Poppy!x did your little bit to help..Bless!x

    Another day of sunshine..heatwave is forecast
    later in the week..believe that when l see it..
    And socialising has been cut to no more than
    six..starting from Monday next..does'nt make
    sense, there's a horse racing meeting at Brighton
    to~day, for the next four days..and there allowing
    3,500 people to attend..Mad! :(.

  2. We're glad your mum's phone was found! You did a great job waking her up, Poppy, but of course that would be exhausting for you if you had to do it every day. :-D

  3. Nothing better than a cat waking us humans up. Good girl, Poppy.
    That deserved treats for sure. Better than a loud alarm clock
    sound any day. Glad mum was not late to work.

  4. poppy. we R glad mum finded her fone; in thiz day & age loozin a fone izza scaree thing....AND....we think ewe dee serve a new shopping bag AND a tin of biscuitz for all yur help ;) ♥♥☺☺

  5. That was a relief for your mum to find her phone. Nowadays they are so much more than just a phone.

  6. Good job waking Mum up, Poppy! We are glad she found her phone, though.

  7. Computers never work when they are needed. Fortunately, cats are much smarter than computers.

  8. Glad she found her phone, those are expensive to replace!