Sunday, September 27, 2020

Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings started today.  It feels like summer might be approaching.   Our overnight storm was not as bad as predicted  and the afternoon turned sunny and warm.   Mum made a simple supper and us relaxing.  She never sleeps well on Sundays so is going to send herself to sleepy land with a book reading marathon.  Me - 10 seconds and I'm out for the count.



  1. I'm with you Poppy!x
    Wish l could go out after 10secs..I don't sleep
    a lot, but then l'm a very light sleeper..!
    Slightest noise l'm awake..! Never slept more than
    2hrs at a time..! Though l do dream a lot..several
    times a night..!
    Once l dreamt l was eating a giant marshmallow...?
    When l woke up the pillow was gone..HeHe! Bless! :).

  2. Wish I could sleep like a cat! Precious is always sleepy, if she isn't hungry!
    She slept with me last night and at 5 am she walked all over me to get me up.
    I held out till 5:20. Glad to hear the storm wasn't bad enough to scare you, Poppy.

  3. It never occurred to me that in the other half of the world a switch to daylight savings time is different!

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  5. We switched daylight savings time to November some years ago, part of a former prime minister's Americanisation attempt. I think the whole process of daylight savings time is useless now. I haven't met anyone who thinks otherwise. Everyone wants it abolished but the politicians, who also want it ended, are too inert to do anything. So we are left with this annoyance twice a year.

  6. I just looked up when our clocks switch back here, Poppy, and was surprised to learn it's not until November 7. We are glad the storm was not too bad, and hope Mum gets some good sleep in. Hugs!

  7. Our time won't change back until November 1. Then darkness in the evening, more light in the AM.

  8. Our daylight savings will start soon too
    Although our weather is still cool and very wet
    Hopefully things start to pick up now although being in lockdown still who wants sunshine when you can’t enjoy it

  9. I did a survey in our neighborhood once about daylight saving time - I was amazed that the majority would like to keep it year round. Why not just have standard time and change their hours of operation instead? Mother Nature will still make noon noon.