Thursday, September 17, 2020


Mum feels like  she has been complaining  a lot lately.  Last night sitting  on the couch she heard the laptop switch itself off and now she can't  get it to come back on.  Grrrr it has spoiled her day off  even though she did enjoy spending  the day with me, and seeing some pretty flowers on her walk, and the new recipe she tried for dinner.  



  1. Yikes, I hope it's not dead! Fingers are crossed it will boot up again. The flower is lovely, though.

  2. HeHe! Never mind the laptop Poppy!x
    What did Mum have as her new recipe
    for dinner..that's more important..
    Food! Food! Food! :).
    Oh! Yes! The flower is very nice to...! ;).

  3. Grr to technology. First mum loses her phone for a day,
    then a couple weeks later the laptop has a mind of it's own.
    Love the beautiful flower, though. Hope you both had a good meal.

  4. What a pain. There must be a way to re-start the system., unless it received a signal from elsewhere.

  5. poppy Q, what an awesum flowerz !!!!! thanx for sharin pleez ta tell mum

    all sew de battree on her pc mite be fried.... ???

    heerz two a grate week end :) ♥♥