Monday, September 21, 2020

Spooky Supper

Mum came home with intentions  of making  a Thai beef salad  for her dinner , but she forgot to buy some vital ingredients.   So she popped a chicken and vegetables into the oven.  While her dinner was roasting, she rang a bestie.  They made plans to see a show on Monday and caught up on the chit chat.  Before mum said goodbye  she asked  her friend  what she had for dinner.  She said chicken + kumera + carrots + beans.  Snap - that was the exact dinner mum had cooking.  Spooky !!!!



  1. No! I can't match that...I had Ribeye steak
    yesterday, by way of a change..
    To~day is my birthday, so l can't have a
    dinner party as usual, so l'm making a
    special pizza for later, and a bottle of
    Chianti..ALL to myself..No visitors...
    I hope..! :).
    And the postman is yet to arrive...! :O).

  2. Poppy, that plate of food looks good enough to eat right off the computer. Sounds like Mom had a good supper so I hope you did have a good can of feast.

  3. That looks yummy! Your mum and her bestie were on the same wavelength. :-)

  4. poppy....ewe bet itz spookee....itz de chickn that did it ☺☺☺ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That fare was obviously on the community menu!