Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Today has been cold and stormy all day through until the evening.  Mum made it to the library  after work, which is good  as she is going to climb into bed early and read.  If she can get me to move from  her spot.



  1. The weather over here is turning colder,
    though still dry, rain at the weekend..
    Staying home to~day..bits and pieces to
    see to..! :).

    One thing l've never done is taken out
    a library book..always been a bit worried
    on what's on them..germs etc..After all
    you never know where they've been..and
    that's even before the virus problem!
    So, l leave well alone!

  2. Willie my mum reads every day and about 80 books a year. She never buys them as our library is awesome and has a huge selection for free. She can't afford to buy books and we have no space for them anyways. You should check out your local library!!!

    1. I must admit..l've had loads and loads of books,
      mostly reference books, l don't read book~books..
      Page after page of just words..l lack patience..
      can't sit and read a book..!
      Got rid of my reference books to the charity shops!
      Only since l've had the PC, so l don't need them
      any more, at least someone can buy them and continue
      to use them..

      I know, l'm terrible really, we have a nice large
      library here where l live, never been in it..never
      had a reason to..Yet! Years ago, when my Dad was alive
      he was always in there..he read book after book..!

      Tell what l'll do..tomorrow l'll go in..just for you...
      and just to say..l've been in our library..! :)
      Oh! And..l'll have to wear my mask..Thankyou! Bless!x

  3. Who would want to disturb you Poppy? You look too comfy.
    I am sure mum can scoot around you and get on to the bed
    some how. I am using the library pick up window for now,
    and just have to pre-order my books on their web site. I
    miss going inside, but that's the way it is. I love to read,
    so I don't want to give up the books. Enjoy a cuddle.

  4. I had to slip my feet between two big cats lying cross-ways on the foot of the bed. I'm glad they left me a few inches...

  5. Make some room for your mum, Poppy. Humans are nice and warm. :)