Sunday, September 13, 2020

Meet Billi


Mum found this website tonight with Billi who has mastered lots of buttons to press.  Mum thinks this is awesome, and is so impressed by the pets and their owners who have had the patience to learn to communicate with the buttons.  



  1. Ah! Bless! That's lovely...
    Mum ought to put some buttons on the floor
    for you Poppy!x would you push/press any
    of them..I expect if you could'nt eat them..
    you would'nt bother..HeHe! :).

  2. Billi is so smart! We have a feeling the "food" button would get worn out by Ava if we had one. :)

  3. I get enough complaints from my critics when they tsalk to me the ordinary way...