Saturday, September 12, 2020


 Well the past few nights mum has been exhausted.   Her Friday night was a sandwich  on the couch at 5pm and in bed at 6.30pm for a nap and not waking  until 2am.  Up for a power pee and a snack and then not up until 8am.  She truly is turning into a senior cat like me!!

Our Caturday was spent quietly with some chores and plenty more relaxing.  Just two old girls enjoying our day together. 


  1. Power pee..HaHa! So that's what it's called,
    l'll remember that when l have to get up at
    2am..I always sit down, even for a widdle...
    Well..l'm half asleep, so no point in standing! :)
    God knows where it'll finish up..! :O(.

    Sorry! To much information..!
    I've just had an early lunch..bacon sandwich..
    Curry later for tea..I do love curry..! :).

  2. You two are no different than me and Precious. Old can be difficult
    at 2 am when you need the litter box, etc. But good also. Lots more
    sleep for us and treats for the kitties.

  3. It was good for your mum to catch up on her sleep.

  4. I'm glad you and your human had a nice Caturday together.

  5. You and Mum's Caturday sounds great, Poppy.

  6. Caturday sounded better than Friday, for sure...