Friday, September 18, 2020


It's Friday and mum is on day one of seven and she is already tired.  It was windy and rainy here last night kerping us girls awake.  Mums brain was all busy too, not letting her sleep and her middle aged lady bladder needed to get up at 5am too.  She's  hoping for a solid 8hrs tonight - fingers and paws crossed.  I'm aiming for my average 23.


  1. 23hrs Goodness! Poppy!x
    No wonder you always look so lovely..
    All that sleep..! :).

    Weathers fine over here, sunny and warm,
    another three days forecast of the same!
    Though trouble brewing with the virus...
    Might have a complete lockdown by Christmas.
    Silly people out partying in large groups,
    not following the advice and breaking ALL
    the rules..Northeast of the country is already
    in lockdown..other places are being added..! :(.

    When will it ALL end..or where will it ALL end..!

  2. Lovely, crisp and cool here for our Friday morning in eastern Ontario. Poppy, tell your mum that if this biped gets 4 -5 solid hours of sleep a night she's excited. LOL. Middle-aged everything keeps her tossing and turning! :-P

    Take care and we both hope the work stint goes well.

  3. Poppy, we have a chilly but sunny day here. Don't really like to think about the
    first day of Fall on Sept. 22. Feels a bit like that today.
    Oh, the bladder in the night! Don't I know. Hope mum gets better rest tonight.
    (as I write this, she is asleep.)