Friday, September 4, 2020


Yippee it's the weekend  and we are ready to relax.  Mum got home and I missed her so much, I demanded cuddles, straight after my dush of feast.  She was happy to oblige.   She just wishes that each weekend  could be four days long,  and there was time for all the plans she has.  She is planning for a mix of chores, relaxing and some treats and more cuddles.



  1. Nearly got the mask on Poppy!x
    You'll have to ask Mum to get you a
    smaller one..! :).

    I had the plumber here eight o'clock
    this morning, couple things needed
    seeing to..WC making a gushing sound,
    and the bath, a gurgling sound..HeHe!
    Strange! It was a lady plumber, very
    good, she's been a plumber for eleven

    Just gone twelve now, bit of lunch me
    thinks, cold meats and rich cakes, that
    will do till tea cakes and
    new potato's...home made fishcakes...
    of course..! :)

  2. Hi Poppy. The biped wishes weekends could be four days long too, even though she's working from home. She still has to be tied to a computer all day, no matter where she sits! :-P

    We hope you both have a terrific long weekend. Here in Canada Monday is the Labour Day holiday, and three days is better than two!

    Take care. ♥

  3. The vote is in for more cuddles and more treats for Poppy, and more
    rest for mum. Hope the weekend doesn't go too fast.

  4. happee week end poppy Q and mum...poppy, ewe look gorgeouz in yur mask :) ☺☺♥♥

  5. Your mum needs to retire like mine. This she has all sorts of time to not get things done! Love the mask.