Saturday, September 5, 2020


 Hey friends.  Mum woke up to her alarm at 8am and then rolled back over to carry on dreaming, then woke up  but stayed in bed to read her book.  She felt like a lazy morning.  She had a moderately active afternoon  with a bit of housework/dancing.  She has taken to doing the chores with her headphones  on listening to music or podcasts.  

Dinner was a healthy bit of chicken with a kumara/onion/carrot/broccoli mix eaten sitting  on the couch watching a show for her, and a fancy feast and a snooze for me.  Mum is missing the 89c she used to pay for a can as since the virus it has been $1.29-$1.39.  She will pay whatever  it costs even though like tonight, I just licked the jelly off and left 95% of my dinner on the plate.


  1. Dancing..? Oh! My Poppy!x Did you join
    in..! I must say, housework is a lot easier
    with a bit of music, when l hoover, it has
    to be louder, as l can't hear it, if l'm
    ironing, nice slow 'romantic' music..HeHe!

    I'm just off for some light lunch, l'll
    make a nice 10inch pizza for tea..put on
    it, as much as l can find, good way of
    getting rid of scraps!
    Must'nt waste food, when it can still be
    eaten..if the bread goes green, scrape it
    off and toast it, if the cheese goes green,
    scrape it off and put it on the toast...! :).
    'Waste not want not'...
    Jelly..mmmmmM! Love jelly..! :o).

  2. Poppy, dear, are you in the mood for a salad? The cost of gushy food has soared here in the States. My toms prefer the cheap stuff with garlic, which I veto on the basis of a nuclear wasteland result in their litter box. They won't touch the vet prescribed senior cat food, so we compromise with a vet-approved commercial brand
    enhanced with chard or radish tops to facilitate their digestion. (Radishes are convenient. Claws hold the root, whilst one enjoys the greenery.)

  3. Mums are just that way. Spend what we must to feed the kitty.
    Just hope she has enough left to feed herself, Poppy.

  4. Good for your mum! Housework and chores are much more fun with music, Poppy.:)

  5. Wow, dancing to do housework? Mum should do that. Mum did cut the grass this morning. Mum has noticed a few things are costing more these days too.

  6. Blasted price hikes... I rarely buy the Fancy Feast with sauce or gravy, as my beasts just do what you do Poppy, and lick up the sauce, leaving the dry chunks that then no one wants.