Thursday, August 13, 2020


 Mums  plans for nice days out have been a bit disrupted with covid  back in the country.   She spent the day relaxing  at home with me which was nice.  She is super happy  to potter about reading her book, doing a few chores and watching a show or two.  Tomorrow  at 5.30pm the government  will announce the new covid plan so mum will keep herself busy until then and maybe have a nice drink ready.

Me - well I've been soaking up the sunbeams  which are moving back over our house again.


  1. HeHe! You look like a 'little' angel in that
    sunlight Poppy!x Lovely! Notice l said 'little'..! :).

    Saw your PM on TV last night, l think she'll get
    it sorted, but, l'm afraid this is gonna happen everywhere,
    it'll come and go, much like the Flu..until they get a vaccine
    of course...! Hopefully very soon..!

  2. Sunbeams help in the worst of times, Poppy. Nice to hear mum
    enjoyed a day with you. We all are waiting anxiously around the
    world for some answer on covid. Best to stay home and sleep
    on that lovely bed, and always hope mum is safe.

  3. It looks like divine Light shining upon you, Poppy. ♥

    The best laid plans of mice and men and all that....We've heard on the new that NZ has new cases--not many, though, which is good. We're not sure how--people travelling and not self-isolating? That's certainly happening here in Canada!

    Anyway, stay safe and be well.

  4. Hope you don't have more restrictions coming. Be safe.

  5. Poppy, dear, your mum is fortunate to have you to cuddle with when hearing the news. My own feline housemates have been great companions as I've taken refuge inside against the Covidiots roaming our shops and streets.

  6. It sounds like a relaxing time for both of you, Poppy. Let us know how you will fare under the new plans.