Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Mum says that a lot of you were surprised that here in New Zealand, people have to pay to visit their GP.  Going to the public hospital is free, if you needed emergency surgery or treatment in the ED, or cancer treatment it is all free.  Mum doesn't mind paying for the GP, as you get good service here.  Most times mum has managed a same day visit, and the doctors are all super helpful.  Mums GP wasn't working on Friday but another doctor saw her, after an initial phone assessment.  She arranged blood tests and contacted mum twice yesterday to offer mum support and check she was ok, and offer some imaging if things don't get better.  Today mums GP was in contact with her regarding the blood tests and follow up.  All great service from one appointment.  

So while mum has been stuck at home recovering she has learnt a lot.  She has learnt about the Bongo, an Antelope that is protected, but is surviving at the Sydney zoo.  She has learnt that Vancouver real estate is very expensive - too much Love it or List it Vancouver.  She was surprised at the amount of cities in the US where you can buy a fixer upper for a song and do renovations so cheaply.  She has been looking at lots of websites and twitter, and ordered some masks because things are good here now, but can go bad so quickly and easily - best to be prepared.

And she has managed to give me lots of pats and brushed my furs.  Purrfect.


  1. Ah! Here we are..My daughter etc have just set off home..
    Yesterday first thing we set off for the beach..yes! me
    at the beach..we had a fun morning, Zeeva enjoyed it,
    she had her safety jacket on, and loved it..they live
    up in the Midlands so, the dogs don't see the sea, unless
    they come down here..we had a good day all round..! :).

    Pleased to read Mum is so much better, and your getting
    lots of pats and brushes..l expect your 'lapping' it all
    And yes! The UK has the best and cheapest health care in
    the world, so they say..Free visits to the doctors/hospital,
    you pay for prescriptions up to the age of 60..then it's
    free..! Then there are other free things..inoculations etc..
    I have'nt paid for anything in the last 12yrs, so l save them
    money, cos l don't get ill...HeHe! Famous last words..! :).
    Mind you if l had a doctor like Dr Morris up there, l'd pay
    to go and see him every day..A pussy~cat doctor..Best yet..! :o).

  2. Does this mean you have private health insurance? We have universal healthcare in Canada, but I also have health insurance via my employer for dental stuff, prescriptions, vision care, etc. Vision coverage is VERY limited.

    Anyway, at least you have good health service! Far better than I get from the teaching clinic I'm at (only place that was taking new patients at the time).

    Poppy, you'd best be getting extra rations for all the nursing you've had to do lately! 🙂

  3. In my dream world, I'd have free health care. Let's not talk about how the
    insurance companies bilk us for health coverage, and then deny benefits.
    No wonder some of us just have a heart attack when we started out with
    just a splinter.

  4. poppy, de best part... iz de end part when ewe & mum getted sum timez two gether ♥♥♥. we hope two day.... which iz all reddy wednesday for ewe, mum iz like 1000000000000000 purrcent better ☺☺♥♥

  5. Wow, your health care system sounds very good. Insurance premiums here are just ridiculous, and many people are not able to afford basic health care. :(

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  7. That's interesting about the health-care in New Zealand. I hope that the doctor's concern is general and not peculiar to certain doctors. In any case, it sounds like your mum has found a good physician.

    Yes, Vancouver's real estate is ridiculously expensive, worse than Toronto's. I wonder how people can live in big cities at all these days.