Saturday, August 15, 2020


 It's been frosty overnight but with beautiful days which we like.  Mum and I had a wonderful sleep in, and she has surprised  herself and me by heading to bed at 9.30pm tonight.  Her eyes feel heavy and she won't  manage to read more than a few pages of her book.  


  1. Ah! That sounds really nice Poppy!x
    After a few days of intense heat, and
    difficulty sleeping the temp. has now
    dropped, and things are much cooler..
    Got into town this morning, few people
    about, but, still fairly,
    walk through a much smaller market, then
    back home..
    All quiet on the western they say..! :0).

  2. Just when you got a tummy shave, it turns cooler. Good thing mum
    is there to cuddle with you for warmth. We have rain here this morn
    and it's been a couple weeks without, so I am grateful. It is going
    to keep me from a long bike ride, though. It is always good to fall
    asleep quickly with a short read.

  3. That's funny, Poppy, because we are starting to head into those types of days; not just yet, but soon. Ours are autumnal and yours vernal. Either season, I like them, too.

  4. We could use some frost just about now - we're in the midst of a heat wave!

  5. Brrr frost! About another 2 months and it will be here too.