Sunday, January 28, 2018


Mum went out to visit with her friends this afternoon.   It had been cloudy at our place but sunny and warm across the harbour.  Mum even rolled up her pants and went into the water up to her shins.  She is not fond of the seaweed and jellyfish that were floating round.

An hour after the photos were taken and mum was on her way home the clouds had rolled in.

Mum is trying to enjoy the summer weekends before they disappear.


  1. The photos look lovely Poppy!x
    They certainly cheered up a murky morning
    over here!
    I'm off to the supermarket in a l
    do most Sundays...must keep the food stocked
    up..they've got some smoked salmon, reduced
    too half price to~day, so l've put that on
    my list! Oh! And some sticky buns! :).

  2. Aren’t we lucky Poppy to live in such a beautiful place as NewZealand!

  3. Oh, what beautiful photos Mum took, Poppy!

  4. Those photos are beautiful.
    I am very wary of jellyfish. About 5 years ago I was swimming in the Caribbean. In the shallows I went through some seaweed and had terrible pains in my arm and thought I had gone into some glass in the water. I had huge weals on my arm and it was over a month before the swelling went. Even now, when it is cold weather you can see the marks on my arm like long blue scars.

  5. Purrty pics of the water. Yep, the sun is coming back to us here up north. Enjoy your suns and warms while you have them.

  6. Very nice. It must be beautiful to live next the sea.