Saturday, January 6, 2018


Mum had a bit of a middle-aged lady sleep last night.  She read her book and I got a couple of mire cuddles than I usually do.  After buying the Fan it's turned cold - typical.

Mum met a bestie for lunch which was nice.  She looked on the internet last night for new beds and mattresses.  She found one that looked a good deal so she trecked out to the shop at the other end of town, only to find that building had been demolished!!  Apparently they haven't been there for 2 years!! Anyways mum found the new shop on the internets and tracked back into town.  She then test drove a mattress with a little snooze and picked a new one fir us.  Since she bought ours in 1995 she doesn't feel too bad.

Also mum doesn't like the stores policies if jacking the prices of beds up so high so that they can look generous discounting them.  Some shops are selling beds for  $5-7,000 the price of a good second hand car.  Mum did not pay anything like that, but she was a bit shocked when doing her research on the internet.

So it won't be ready for a couple of weeks but mum is looking forward to the super springs, wool and gel layers and comfort topper!

Hope you are all having a lovely Caturday and doing something fun.


  1. I've just got back from town, and the suns out in all
    it's glory...nice...but still very cold! :(.

    ooooO! A new mattress Poppy!x That'll be nice, you
    won't know where to start trying it out...but... it'll
    be fun..! :).
    I'm after another three piece suite...not new...l'm not
    paying prices there asking for...seen a couple, l like,
    going to look at another one on Monday! So, we'll see! :).
    Still..might buy a second hand car then...and sleep in that! :).

  2. Sounds like you both got a good run out of your bed. Hope the new one is super comfy. It is my nightmare buying them. Have not had great luck the last few years and it’s cost me a lot.
    They now seem to make them so they can’t be flipped. You just use up one side so pay the same for half the use. Yours sounds great with gel and wool. I will ask you ina few months how it’s going.
    Shame you don’t need the fan right now but I do like the cooler weather. Can’t imagine NSWsin the 40s. Or the other extreme in the US. Life is just right here now. Sleep well you two.😌

  3. I hope the new mattress will be nice and comfy. We need a new one also. We have a memory foam, but I think it is suffering from amnesia.

  4. Hope da new bed are comfy for y'all!

  5. Mum bought new mattresses a few years back. One for her bed and one for the guest bed. Says they were pricey. BUT, since the beds are the same size she can switch them out so they last longer.

  6. How can it be that mattresses are so expensive. That what we want to know. We need a new one too but refuse to pay the exorbitant price. Guess we’ll live with our potholed old thing.
    The natural wool in your new one sounds lovely.