Friday, January 12, 2018


Mum had a bit of a rough sleep last night and the alarm went off far too soon.  Her working day was not too bad though and she got to go out for dinner with a bestie.  Then it was home for a little nap.

The good thing is that mum is tired and tonight is ready for more than a four hour sleep.   Me too - I'm ready for a full night sleep and the weekend to begin.


  1. There. Is nothing worse than an alarm clock at any time let alone if you have a bad nights sleep.
    How lucky you are Poppy not to have that in your life. Mind you I expect you have a bit of a rough night too when mum does. How lucky you are to be able to sleep all day if you want to. I bet mum would love to put a little camera around your neck to see what you get up to each day. Could be in for a few surprises ??
    Hope you both have a relaxing weekend. Xxx🏠

  2. Looks like you've lost your quilt Poppy!x
    Never mind, l think you can sleep well enough
    without one! :).

  3. I hope you and your human have a great weekend!

  4. Happy weekending to you. Have fun.