Thursday, January 4, 2018

Filling Up

 After the flu epidemic that mum suffered over the holidays she is trying to pile on the fruit and veg.  This morning she made a blueberry/strawberry/banana/pineapple drink.  Tasty and full of vitamin c.
 Tonight she came home and made a chicken broccoli pasta and dished it up with a pile of coleslaw.  Tasty and filling and a big pile of leftovers.
We have been having the hots here and the past few nights have been a bit hard to get any sleep.  So mum gave in after work and bought a fan.  At only $30 Mum doesn't feel guilty that she won't need to use it 9 months of the year.  Of course tonight the rain has arrived and the temperature has dropped enough to make it much more comfortable.   Oh well we are ready for the hot nights now.


  1. HeHe! Hope Mum liquidized the fruit Poppy!x
    Be a bit lumpy to drink like that! :).
    But! It looks nice...!

    The pasta dish looks nice to..l love pasta,
    l was brought up on long as l can

    And..can l just say...l'm one of your biggest
    'fans' Poppy!x

  2. Mum is certainly a person with multi talents. That food would be great in any restaurant. She will be the healthiest person in Wellington looking at that. Yum!
    You will love the fan. Mine gets used every summer. Lucky you getting rain. Fingers crossed we get some tomorrow. We are harvesting lots of cherry tomatoes and our potted lemon in the front porch is ready to harvest as well. A shame as it is so pretty. But oh the hours my hub. Spends watering.

  3. I approve of all three items - especially the food and drink!