Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hot Caturday

Its still hot here in the city.   Mum finished her work late last night and just as she was heading to bed last night she heard some buzzing.  A naughty cicada had slipped in through the door.  Mum put me in charge of catching it as she had no luck.  So guess what she woke up to?  A deaded cicada on the duvet next to her this morning!!  What a good hunter I am.

Mum pottered around for a while - then headed out for a walk and then off  to meet a bestie.  They went to see The Shape of Water  Movie - which mum loved.  A solid 5/5 for that one. 

So it's a quiet evening now at home for us girl.  It is still a warm evening for us.  It might be another fan night tonight!!


  1. How clever you are Poppy to catch the cicarda. We had a large beetle banging against the walls tonight when we were watching tv. My hub went out to get the spray but when he came back I had it in my hand. We let it go outside but not before it bit me a few times. I didn’t know they bit. It is just too hot to sleep. Glad mum liked the movie.

  2. Ah! Bless! What a clever hunter you are Poppy!x
    At least you did'nt eat it...! :).
    I've just finished a few pheasants, last of the
    season, which ended, l'expect they'll
    feel safer now! I know l eat a lot of game, but, l'd
    never go out and actually shoot them! But, then, l don't
    like wasting food!

    I heard on the news over here that your Prime Minister,
    Jacinda Ardern is expecting a baby...Perhaps if it's a
    little girl, she'll call it Poppy!x HeHe! :).

  3. Good job deading that cicada, mighty huntress Poppy!

  4. Wow, Poppy, you did a great job hunting down the cicada!

  5. It sounds like a heat-wave there, Poppy. It's not freezing here, but there is a wind blowing and while it's supposedly a chinook wind (a warm wind that can melt a landscape full of snow in a few hours), they often feel chilly to the skin, and that's the case here. So, though the fan may be on in your house tonight, the heat will be up a little here while we watch our Saturday night movie.

  6. Well done on catching the cicada, Poppy. You are a Mighty Hunter.