Tuesday, January 30, 2018


This is our friends lovely cat Dust.  He is quite the charmer and very friendly.  He lives the good life in a house by the beach where he can chase little lizards in the garden and he is wise enough to stay away from the chickens.  The late afternoon is the perfect time to stretch out in the shade and soak up the warmth of the brick pathway.


  1. HeHe! First off..l thought...Hello! Poppys!x been on a
    diet! :). He's lovely Poppy!x What a fine looking fellow,
    Though..l have to say..not happy with all that nonsense
    round his neck..that's a No! No! in my book! :(.

    Oh! I heard this morning on the news, that you've had
    the hottest day in New Zealand for 40yrs..can't remember
    all that was said, and l forget the temp. mentioned!
    but it sounded hot...!

  2. Dearest poppy you have no competion with the previous 2 nights. Tonight I thought you had not only got skinny but like the astronaut you had grown inches on your legs. I am sure you have not been up in space. Just stay the gorgeous kitty you are.
    Perhaps if we are really lucky mum will put up some pics. of when you were a tiny kitten and show us some comparisons of then and now. Love you lots xxx.

  3. What a handsome boy! He looks like he could be your sibling. We're glad to know he leaves those pesky chickens to themselves.

  4. Goodness, such a good looking fellow. And his collar really accentuates his lovely green eyes. A very elegant boy indeed.

  5. Dust looks very satisfied there. He's undoubtedly a happy fellow, and pleased with the life he has.