Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Look of Love

Mum came into the bedroom last night to catch me smooching her new pillow.  We have a time share agrerment.  It is hard overnight and mine during the rest of the hours.

We got asked if we were having a heatwave?  Our metservice says this is the 3rd warmest January since 1909 when records began, and if it continues it may be the hottest ever.  Good job mum bought the fan. 

Today was a relaxing day.  More washing done.  Uniform day.  Mum got asked why she does so much washing.  Our washing machine is small - it only fits 4 towels at a time.  I guess she washes 2 lots of towels a week, sheets, a load of clothes, uniforms and during the summer she tries to wash the quilts and blankets.  It us probably mums favorite chore to do to.

Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday like us.  Mum has been reading and now is watching Game of Thrones. 


  1. There's song called that Poppy!x

    The look of love
    Is in your eyes
    A look your smile can't
    The look of love
    Is saying so much more than
    Just words could every say
    And what my heart has heard"
    (That's just some of it)..

    The photos of you smooching Mums pillow,
    are lovely, l'm going to 'pinch' them and
    put them in my Pussy~cat folder...sssssh! :).

    It's nearly eleven o'clock over here, l've
    been busy, tidying things up, getting the
    dinner ready, pheasant to~day, then l'll
    settle down for some football!
    It's raining out, more forecast for tomorrow
    as well...though no snow down here in the south!
    Hopefully not!

  2. Oh Poppy you are so gorgeous I just wish I could cuddle you. Lucky mum. Mums washing now makes sense. I had a small one when I first got married. It was all that would fit. A right pain.
    Still fan going on here but then when winter comes I’ll be wishing it was now. I am so hard to please. Of all the places I have lived Wellington was the most mild but climate change seems to be kicking in. Have a great week you two.

  3. Poppy, those photos are wonderful, especially the second one. That one, in particular, shows how much you love that pillow! :-)

    RE: laundry: Our human has an extra-large capacity (old) washer and still does, on average, 5 full loads a week. Usually one or two of darks, plus colours, lights, sheets, and towels. Plus all the blankets she has strewn around for us (if not every week, then every second). So we don't think the amount of your own mum's laundry is strange! In fact, our biped had gone thrift store shopping yesterday and had come home with yes, more blankets (she can't seem to help herself), some table linens, etc. and brought her total number of loads to 8 for the week. That was a lot of laundry...and it's NOT her favourite chore to do. :-D

  4. Your human is lucky you allow her to use that pillow at all!

  5. Mum doesn't mind laundry, but she has a HUGE washer and dryer so lots of stuff can go in at once. She usually does 2 loads a week as a routine. Then extra if she does blankets and throw rugs.

  6. Our mum is always tossing stuff into the washer because some of us like to throw a little urine around.

  7. That's so generous of you to let Mum share that pillow, Poppy!